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Soft Docking - System Description


Reversing into docking bays has always been an area where damage is likely to occur to the vehicle or the dock if the vehicle is allowed to hit the dock at speed. Several systems are available to assist the driver when reversing by visual or audible indication of the distance to the dock.

Haldex offers added security with Soft Docking, when linked to the Haldex EB+ EBS braking system which can apply the brakes automatically when reversing into a loading bay.


The system is easy to install and quick to retro-fit because of preassembled cables with quick connectors. Soft Docking is installed only on the trailer side. The system does not require any further connection to the tractor unit, only default Light and ISO Power supply. Therefore Soft Docking acts as a stand-alone solution and towing trucks can be changed.

The system is compatible with first and second generation of EB+. During assembly, or if you experience problems, please use always the latest level of available ECU flash software.


The Soft Docking system is activated when the driver selects reverse gear. It works only as long the speed is below 20 km/h. Two ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle detect the current distance to the loading bay. This distance information is transferred to the Soft Docking Junction Box which is connected to EB+. When the vehicle approaches the loading bay, Soft Docking starts to act. At a 3 metre distance, the driver receives optical and acoustic warnings. The frequency of this warnings changes depending on the distance to the loading bay. If the rear of the vehicle reaches about 1 metre distance, the system applies the brakes with a force automatically adjusted for the speed of the vehicle and the weight of the load. Then the system releases the brakes, giving control back to the driver. At a distance of less than 0.5m, the fast “beep” of the audio warnings changes to a continuous tone, and the position lamps are permanently lit. Acoustic beeper can be switched off for silent night operation by simply selecting reverse gear twice within two seconds.

Liability Exclusion

The system is not totally accurate under all circumstances. The driver must manoeuvre with care up to the dock. Haldex cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur when using the system. It is the driver’s responsibility to reverse safely. Find more details in Operating Instructions section.

  • The sensor has an area (less 350mm distance), within which the measurement result might not be 100% accurate.
  • System works not with excessive speed above 20 km/h

Technical Data

Total System  
Nominal Voltage 24 V
Operating Voltage 16 -32 V 
Min. Operating Temperature - 30 °C
Max. Operating Temperature + 65 °C
Current Consumption < 300 mA
Ultrasonic Sensors  
Max Range 2500 mm
Min Range 350 mm
Detection Angle 15 °
Operating Voltage 12 - 30 V
Max Current Consumption < 35 mA
Frequency 180 kHz
Reversing Alarm, Beeper  
Operating Voltage 12 - 30 V
Max Current Consumption < 35 mA
Superpoint LED  
Operating Voltage 24 V
Max Current Consumption < 35 mA